WPD adds six Community Service Officers

The Wichita Police Department added six Community Service Officers to the force.

These officers will help improve response times to non-criminal calls, and will assist with things like minor crashes, DUI enforcement, prisoner transports, and evidence pickup and transfer. This will help keep police officers free for other assignments.

For the past few weeks, the new officers have been going through training and they’re out on the streets now. They have different uniforms and drive different vehicles than police officers, and are not issued firearms. The Community Service Officers are mainly driving trucks, which are marked differently than police cars.

Wichita Police Chief, Gordon Ramsay, said that along with improving response times, this is also a cost-saving measure. The CSO staff are not commissioned and are paid less that a police officer.

The Wichita Police Department put together a promotional video to highlight the role of the new officers.