Flooding leads to road and school closures in south central Kansas

A flash flood warning is in effect for northwestern Cowley County, southern Sedgwick County, southern Butler County and northern Sumner County until 9:45 a.m. Wednesday. A flood warning is also in effect for Sedgwick and Harvey Counties until 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Excessive runoff from heavy rain is causing flooding of small creeks and streams, low lying spots, and city streets. Flooding is leading to road closures across south central Kansas Wednesday morning, and several school districts are closed.

Emergency management says it’s getting numerous reports of flooding and blocked roads. Since it’s still dark, you won’t be able to tell for sure if flooding on a road is minor or if a road is washed out. Even in daylight it’s dangerous, and with conditions this morning driving into flooded roads could be deadly.

The Kansas Turnpike Authority stated interstate 35 is now open from Mulvane to Wellington after it was closed overnight.  The turnpike is still closed between Wellington and the Oklahoma state line. Dozens of semi trucks had pulled over in parking lots to wait out the road closure.

The Spring Creek in Derby has swelled beyond its banks and flooded High Park at Madison Avenue, according to the City of Derby Communications Director Kristy Bansemer. Madison Avenue is closed to through traffic from Greenwich to Timberleaf. Bansemer also said Meadowlark is flooded east of Derby, at S 99th St.

Emergency crews in Augusta performed water rescues overnight during what it called “severe localized flooding.”

The flooding threat will continue to this evening from both flash flooding and river flooding, and more storms are expected through this evening. Those could be severe with hail, strong winds and a chance for tornadoes.

The following schools are closed Wednesday due to flooding:

USD 205 Bluestem

USD 263 Mulvane

USD 264 Clearwater

USD 312 Haven

USD 353 Wellington

USD 357 Belle Plaine

USD 358 Oxford

USD 394 Rose Hill

USD 396 Douglass

USD 402 Augusta

USD 408 Marion

USD 509 South Haven

The following schools are delayed or running mud routes:

USD 214 Ulysses running mud routes

USD 220 Ashland delayed two hours

USD 294 Oberlin running mud routes

USD 352 Goodland running mud routes

USD 374 Sublette running mud routes

USD 457 Garden City running mud routes

USD 467 Leoti running mud routes

USD 294 Oberlin running mud routes

Derby schools sent out the following message:

We wanted to make sure you were aware that areas around the community are experiencing some flooding and impassible roads due to the heavy rains recently. This may affect bus routes this morning. Please know buses may be delayed to pick up students and will be using alternate routes where possible. Also, if a bus approaches an impassable road on their routes, this means students on that route could not be picked up. If this occurs, follow-up communication will go only to those families affected on that particular route. Please also tune into local news to be aware of potential flooding and impassible roads in your area. Our priority is to keep our students and staff safe. We appreciate your patience this morning!

The City of Augusta stated it is conducting “flood operations,” with severe localized flooding from runoff. The city sent the following release:

The City of Augusta is conducting flood operations as a result of heavy rain overnight. Severe localized flooding from runoff has occurred and some streets are still not passible. 7th street between Walnut and Lulu is affected – if traveling on 7th street detour south on Walnut / west on 6th / north on Lulu back to 7th.

Walnut at the south city limits is closed.

Lulu is closed south from Harrington and several residential streets in that area are also closed.


We have closed the dike on Kelly and are working to close the dike on Highland drive. If rivers continue to rise, we may close the railroad opening south of town.

Numerous water rescues were conducted during the overnight. We need to keep our resources dedicated to sandbag / closure operations – PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE INTO HIGH WATER.



Harvey County Closures and high water areas:

Adams Street between McPherson Road and Sedgwick Avenue

South Emma Creek Road at Southwest 96th Street

South River Park Road from U.S. Highway 50 to Southwest 36th Street

Northwest 36th Street west of West Road

The 9900 block of Northeast 96th Street

Northwest 24th Street between Meridian and West

South Mission Road north and south of U.S. Highway 50

Northwest 24th Street west and east of Ridge Road

Northwest 24th Street west of North Mission Road

Dutch Avenue at North Halstead Road to Essex Heights Road

North Ridge Road between Northwest 12th and Northwest 36th streets

North Hoover Road between Dutch Avenue and Northwest 96th Street

The 1800-1900 block of North Hoover Road at the bridge

Harvey County West Park

NE 12th Street between East Lake’s Bluestem Area

Bluestem Point at Harvey County East Park

High Water Signs are placed at:

South Woodlawn Road at First Street (south of Woodlawn)

Southwest 48th Street at South Kansas Road

Southwest 125th Street at South Kansas Road

Northeast 12th Street between North Grace Hill and East Lake roads

The 5800 block of Northwest 48th Street

Southwest 48th Street at South Hertzler Road


Sedgwick County Problem Areas:
119th and Webb
Greenwich from 111th and 119th
Locust and Brookhaven
South 55th West and West 73rd South
Hillside between 103rd and 119th is closed
Pawnee and Oliver
Douglas and Meridian
5000 block of East Murdock
Harry and 127th Street East
Broadway and East 103rd
South 143rd Street and East 47th Street South
East 49th Street South and Webb
East 47th Street south and Webb


Crews have shut down US 81 from N. Wellington to the county line because of standing water.

Severance: 17th-30th (Hutchinson)
Lorraine: 11th-14th (Hutchinson)
23/Rambler (Hutchinson)
23/Cleveland (Hutchinson)
Wilson 56th-69th
Langdon 69th-82nd
Haven Road K96-Irish Creek
Dean and Parallel
95th Dean- Wilson
Sallee 82nd-108th
Redrock: West of K14
4th: Dean to Herren
4th/Sego (South)

High Water:
4th/Plum (Hutchinson)
Severance 4th-9th (Hutchinson)
600 block E 23rd to 1000 E 23rd (Hutchinson)
1400 block E 11th—11th and Keast (Hutchinson)
11th: Keast to 1400 block E 11th (Hutchinson)
11th:Pleasant to Severance (Hutchinson)
Lorraine: 11th-17th
17th: Severance to Plum
Pretty Prairie/Collingwood (Pretty Prairie)
Park/Main (Pretty Prairie)
Pretty Prairie/Park (Pretty Prairie)
4/Bone Springs
Sego/Morgan (West)
Trails West/Partridge
Worthington/Lake Cable