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Gov. Kelly Announces $6.4 Million in Grants

Gov. Kelly Announces $6.4 Million in Grants

Gov. Kelly Announces $6.4 Million in Grants

Governor Laura Kelly announced the 2020 State General Fund Grant Programs funding awards for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs and Children’s Advocacy Centers. In all, more than $6.4 million in grants were awarded to communities across Kansas. “These services are oftentimes life-saving,” Kelly said. “From issues of domestic violence to children’s advocacy, it’s important that we provide the resources these important organizations and their staff members need to keep Kansans and our communities safe.” The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault funds are used for support services, outreach, and training for community-based programs located in large and small communities across Kansas. These programs provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including emergency safe shelter, crisis hotline calls and crisis intervention, on-going counseling and support, and advocacy to help victims increase safety for themselves and their families. The Children’s Advocacy Centers (CAC) are child-focused, community-oriented programs coordinating investigation and intervention services for abused children by bringing together professionals and agencies. Their goal is to to ensure children are not revictimized by the systems designed to protect them by creating cohesion among professionals representing investigation, advocacy, medical, prosecution and treatment.

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