Sedgwick County detention deputies injured in jail assaults

Three detention deputies in the Sedgwick County jail were injured in two separate assaults that took place inside the jail.

Undersheriff Brian White said a 28-year-old deputy was treated for minor injuries after an October 31st disturbance.  He said an inmate became angry during meal service and attacked two other inmates, and then attacked the deputy.   The inmate, 23-year-old William Farmer, has been charged with battery of a law enforcement officer and two counts of battery.

In another incident Thursday morning, an inmate in a mental health pod became angry when he asked for a beverage and deputies said they would have to check for any restrictions.  White said the 42-year-old inmate refused to return to his cell and attacked two deputies.  One of them called on the radio for help and other deputies moved in and quickly subdued the inmate.

White said a 24-year-old deputy was taken to a hospital where he was treated for a broken ankle.   A 45-year-old deputy was treated for a broken hand.

White said working in the detention facility is a demanding job and deputies have to deal with a number of situations.  He said staff is trained to deal with problems, and he was pleased with the response team that moved in to bring the disturbance to an end.    The inmate was booked into the jail about a month ago for aggravated assault.

White said the incident is under investigation and the district attorney’s office will decide on any charges against the inmate.