Anti-abortion bill introduced in the Kansas Legislature

By the Associated Press and KFDI News:

Abortion opponents say elections last year that made the Kansas Legislature more conservative showed that voters support putting a proposed anti-abortion amendment to the state constitution on the ballot next year.

Anti-abortion lawmakers introduced separate but identical versions of their proposal Tuesday in the House and Senate. It would overturn a Kansas Supreme Court decision in 2019 that declared access to abortion a “fundamental” right under the state constitution.

Abortion opponents failed last year to get the same proposal on the ballot when a few House Republicans resisted having voters decide its fate in the August primary instead of the November general election.

The proposal was condemned by Julie Burkhart, CEO and founder of the Wichita-based organization Trust Women.   Burkhart said in a press release, “A majority of Kansans understand that whether or not a woman seeks out abortion care is a personal decision between her, her family and her doctors—not a decision best made by the government.”  She went on to say,  “In the end, this flawed amendment to the Kansas Constitution devalues the personal autonomy of Kansas women and instead recklessly empowers politicians to take more control over decisions best left to individuals.”   Burkhart is urging lawmakers to reject the amendment.