Governor Kelly signs bill on vaccine exemptions

By the Associated Press and KFDI News:

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has signed a bill that was approved in a special session of the Legislature to allow workers a religious exemption from COVID-19 vaccine mandates.  The governor issued a statement after the signing:

“I have been clear that I believe it is too late to impose a federal standard. States have been leading the fight against COVID-19 for nearly two years. I know there are Kansans who believe this legislation goes too far, and there are others who believe this legislation doesn’t go far enough. But I was elected to lead, and leadership means seeking compromise.

“This bill is the result of compromise in action. Now that it is signed, we need to turn our attention towards pressing issues like growing our economy and passing my plan to Axe the Food Tax, so we can put money back into everyday Kansans’ pockets.”

Kansas is joining other states in resisting federal mandates from President Joe Biden after the GOP-controlled Legislature passed a measure Monday night.

Governor Kelly angered some fellow Democrats in the Legislature by promising to sign the GOP’s measure. Meanwhile, Republicans frustrated the Kansas Chamber of Commerce by embracing proposals that it opposed.

Supporters called it a victory for personal liberty. The votes were 24-11 in the Senate and 77-34 in the House during a one-day special legislative sessio