Bullfighters Only

Bullfighters Only

The World's Top Freestyle Bullfighters competing one night in Wichita!

New to the world of Bullfighting? It's an action packed night you won't want to miss.
Check it out! 
On Saturday October 20 the world’s top freestyle bullfighters will compete for over $25,000 in prize money at Hartman Arena.

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Bullfighters Only Wichita Invitational

How it works: 
BFO Freestyle Bullfighting is a true gladiator competition – man vs. beast in a showcase of amazing athleticism, animal aggression and acrobatic feats by the greatest bullfighters in the business. Scores are based on a 100-point scale. Half of which is rewarded based on the bullfighter’s ability stay as close to the animal as possible, while maneuvering around and oftentimes jumping over the bulls. The other half comes from the aggressiveness of the animal and its willingness to stay hooked up throughout the fight.

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