Trump unveils plan to fix roads, bridges

Wichita's mayor attended a White House briefing

President Trump and staff members met with governors and mayors at the White House on Monday to talk about a plan to fund needed repairs and improvements for the nation's infrastructure.

Wichita mayor Jeff Longwell and the city's public works director, Alan King, attended the meeting. 

The President's plan would use $200 billion in federal money to leverage local and state investments for roads, bridges, airports and other infrastructure needs.   Trump said it's a common sense and bipartisan plan that Congress should support, but Democratic leaders are raising concerns. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., says Trump's plan would put unsustainable burdens on local government and calls it a "plan to appease his political allies, not to rebuild the country." 

Kansas governor Jeff Colyer praised the plan, saying that state and local governments will retain most of the decision-making power.   He was also pleased with a $50 billion provision for rural infrastructure improvements.  

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran issued a statement saying he is pleased that the plan includes what he called an "aggressive strategy to equip Americans living in rural areas with high-quality roads and bridges, modernized communications networks and the ability to quickly create and build infrastructure important to each community." 


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